Friday, February 8, 2013

Healing works again

Today I fixed lot of minor problems on both client and server. But I also did something major: I re-implemented healing as procedurally generated spells.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Equipment revamp

While creating the buyable equipment for Wenibe, I noticed that there isn't much equipment can do. It can modify the players stats, but I would expect it to have more fundamental properties. Clothes should reduce damage and wands increase it. They should also be geared for specific situations.


Clothes always have a general defense value, and can have special defense values for specific elements which are higher or lower. When the equipment has a special value for the element which is used by the attacker, that value is used, otherwise the general defense value is used.

When an attack hits the character, for each piece of equipment a random number is generated between 0 and the applicable defense value. Each of these numbers is subtracted from the attack. No total immunity is possible that way - even weak attacks have a low chance to break through high-end equipment. But considering that a player character usually wears 4 defense items (hat, robe, belt, shoes), the resistance is still pretty reliable when all of them give about equal defense.


Weapons could have these effects:
  • Increase damage
  • Increase range
  • Decrease casting time
Staff Rod Wand Stave Scepter Cane
Damage X X X
Range X X X
Cast Time X X X

I think I should make these percentile boni.

Just like with clothes, a weapon has a general value and specific different values for specific elements.

Each of these effects could only apply to a specific element. That way you have to choose between a general-purpose weapon which boosts all elements or a specialized weapon which only boosts your favorite one while giving a malus to the opposite element.

I could also imagine rare weapons which give all spells a special property, like making all spells vampiric.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The town of Wenibe

I started building a small town map as a test-bed for NPC scripting and to force myself to start doing some tiles. It already showed me some features which were missing on the server to allow effective script-writing.

Some new spell icons

I created the thunder family of spell icons: