Sunday, November 13, 2011

Basic Attacking

I didn't work much on this project in the past few weeks, because I am currently working on a very important project at work which is critical for my career. This project is eating up all my weekly desire for programming, so I don't have much left after work or on the weekends. The work project will be over in two weeks. Then I will hopefully have a lot less stress at work and will have the energy to continue with my MMO project. I will also have two weeks off over Christmas, and I plan to use these weeks to work on my MMO project full-time... OK, at least part-time.

Anyway, I completed the basic attacking code on the server-side. Player-characters can attack monsters and then the clients receives damage updates when the target is hit. After a predetermined number of hits the monster dies, the attacking stops, and the client receives a "kill" message followed by a "remove" message.

There is no check for range yet, so players can attack anything on the map no matter where they are.

The next step will be to implement client-sided support for combat:
  1. allow to select a target for attacking by clicking
  2. visualize damage
Then I will add an actual range check. I want to do this afterwards, because both range limiting and the client-sided features are easier to test when I implement them in this order.

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