Sunday, August 25, 2013

Target indicators

The players now see which combatants are currently targeted by spells of which element. This should make barrier-management more easy.

Speaking of barriers: These can now be cast by players and are now scroll-based like all other spells. Just as I planned, each player-character can have only one barrier active at a time, but this barrier doesn't need to be on itself. So a party can decide to stack all their barriers on one designated tank while leaving all other members unprotected.

Still missing on the barrier front: A tutorial, scroll icons and an NPC to sell them.

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  1. I found your blog last week doing a random search for game development (don't recall what aspect), and before I knew it, I had read through the whole thing. Many of the ways you have handled different situations are ways that I've went through in my past development efforts. Good work on your game thus far, and thank you for chronicling your efforts.