Friday, February 24, 2012

Another scenario concept: Technology vs. Magic vs. Religion

A world in which magic, powerful gods ad science fiction technology coexist.

The followers of technology try to understand the world around them through research. Their enemies are the religious, because the technologists perceive their dogma to understand the world through the holy scriptures instead of verifiable facts as dangerous for the mind.

Government: Democratic
Values: Objectivism


The religious worship the gods - incorporeal beings of incredible magical power - and get favors from them in return. They believe that the magic users are stealing the magic which rightfully belongs to the gods. In their opinion it is a grave sin for mortals to use the power of the gods directly. For this sacrilege the magic users must be purged.

Government: Authoritarian
Values: Fundamentalism


The magicians are striving to control and shape the magic powers radiated from all living beings. They realize that ecological damage caused by the technologists is slowly destroying the ecosystem of the world and thus reducing the worlds magic. Their goal is to stop the technologists from harming the ecosystem and thus harming both the magicians and the gods.

Government: Anarchy
Values: Environmentalism

NoviceTankDamage DealerSupporter
A walking biomedical experiment. Mutants always seek to improve themselves through genetic modification, cybernetics and dangerous pharmaceuticals.

Weapon: Maces
Gadgeteers always experimenting with new inventions. An engineer takes pride in designing and building their own equipment.

Weapon: Guns
The theorists among the followers of technology, always wanting to understand the principles of the world around them.

Weapon: Emitters
MagicApprenticeRune Knight
These magical warriors - while physically merely average - use the arcane powers to enhance their combat abilities. They can conjure magical weapons and use auras in battle to distract and hurt their enemies in melee combat. 

Weapon: Amulets (used to conjure weapons)
Masters of directing magic in form of destructive spells.

Weapon: Wands
These magic users use their power to heal and empower others.

Weapon: Orbs
Fanatic warrior monks who defend their church with heavy armor and swords. In combat they pray to their gods for strength and protection.

Weapon: Swords
The exorcists duty is to find the enemies of the church and direct the wraith of the gods onto them.

Weapon: Knives
Demagogues who preach the word of the gods. They instill fanaticism in their followers and bless them with their gods powers.

Weapon: Staffs

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