Friday, October 19, 2012

Roadmap update

I hadn't had a roadmap update in a while, so time for a new one.

Milestone 8 (wealth):
  • Items and Inventory
    • Dropping items
    • Splitting and combining item stacks
  • Player trading
    • Trading cash
  • Shops
    • Selling items
  • Item stack sizes in trade window
  • Item information system
Milestone 9 (adventuring):
  • NPC interaction
  • Scripting
Milestone 10 (security):
  • Permission management
  • Database logging of
    • Logins
    • Administrative actions
    • Usage statistics
  • Prevent multi-logins
  • Brute force protection
 Milestone 11 (eye candy)
  • Animated sprites
  • Animated tiles
  • Particle effects
Alpha Status reached!

Refinement 1: HTML and CSS

The newest beta of my favorite browser Opera finally supports real WebSockets. Unfortunately there are a lot of layout problems (unrelated to canvas support). I need to get the UI to render properly on it, too. There are also some other layout problems, like the inventory grid not being exactly square in all situations.

Refinement 2: Movement

Since I declared my space partitioning and my route finding algorithm for working, I encountered some glitches which need to be addressed.
  • Suboptimal routes in some situations
  • wrong blockmap calculation in some cases
  • one time I got stuck in a tree - reproduce this (or at least create automatic unstuck)

Refinement 3: Performance

The client framerate fell a lot lately. I need to find out why and optimize it so I get at least 20 Fps on my Intel Atom notebook.

Refinement 4: Game System

Refinement 5: Mob AI

I skipped a few AI strategies I had planned. These still need to be implemented:
  • Attack strategies:
    • Pursuit
    • Stalk
    • Flee
  • Roam strategies:
    • Guard
  • Target strategies:
    • Best attacker against team
    • Closest to team
    • Last attacker
    • Last attacker of team

Refinement 6: Attract Mode

Observer random locations in the background during the login sequence.

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