Thursday, November 15, 2012

Get rid of accounts?

After I moved into my new apartment I again have some spare time for my game. I wonder if I should maybe get rid of accounts and instead have passwords for the characters themselves. Really, what do I need accounts for? I don't plan to bill by account, and when a player wants more than one character, they can just register a second one. Having accounts just adds a whole lot more complexity without actually adding much value.

Any per-account limitations I could enforce would just cause people to register multiple accounts to circumvent them. Any per-account perks for players, like easier item exchange or easy switching between characters, could be substituted by adding a "link character" feature. You log into characer A, click on "link account" and enter the name and password of character B. Now the two characters - as well as any characters already linked to them, are then considered to be owned by the same player. The player can then switch between them without needing a password and can easily exchange items between them.

This would allow to have "lazy registration" like, for example, in forumwarz. The player can play the tutorial without registration and is prompted to register after completing it. This results in a really low entry barrier.

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