Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Balancing through number-crunching

After the stressful summer with the election and my sailing hours I wanted to continue development right away, but instead of that I decided to use the distance I gained from the project to take a 2nd look on some of my code, so I was doing mostly minor cleanups and refactoring.

Then I decided that it is time to start with the content. But when I wanted to do so I realized that I had no idea what I was doing. What's a good experience yield for a Level 5 monster? How much is a spell supposed to cost? How much defense should a level 10 robe have? Just making up values on the spot would not have been wise, as I would have to balance it through trial and error. So I decided to buy some Magic Chart paper (cool stuff, by the way. It clings to any surface through electrostatics. You can easily move them around without leaving a trace. You can draw on it with dry-erase marker and just wipe it away just like on a whiteboard) and summarized all the level-dependent formulas I have.

While doing this I realized some balancing errors which would have been quite bad in practice (MP increases quadratic but MP regeneration just linear - ooops). These handy charts will make it much easier for me to make up content.

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