Monday, May 19, 2014

Mining system

Just a concept for now.

Resource gathering is an important part of every crafting system. An important resource would be ores and minerals mined from the depth of the earth.

It would, of course, be unthinkable for a wizard to take a pickaxe and perform manual labor to excavate minerals. Like everything in Pecosia, there is a branch of magic dedicated to these kinds of jobs: Geomancery.

Geomancery is the art of using magic to sense minerals in the earth and getting them to the surface. A geomancer hunting for ores needs two spells: A detection spell which tells him where the minerals are hiding and a mining-spell which gets them to the surface. More advanced minerals do of course require more advanced geomancery spells to find and mine.

Detection spells:


The first spell cast by a geomancer visiting a new location. It tells them if and which minerals can be found on this map, but not where.


Tells the geomancer if there are mineral deposits in range and how far they are away, but not in which direction. It does so by telling the caster the level of mineral radiation at its current position. The closer they are, the higher the radiation. However, when there are multiple deposits in range, their radiation adds up which could mislead the geomancer.


Tells the geomancer the direction of the next mineral deposit, but not how close it is. When there are multiple deposits nearby, the vector-product is created and the angle of that is shown, so again, multiple deposits in range can be misleading.


The Mining spell

When the geomancer believes that she found the deposit, she will use the mine-spell. It will reveal any mineral deposits in range and turn them into items which can then be picked up. The mine-spell is much more MP-costly and slower to cast than the detection spells. So while a geomancer which just casts it randomly might find a deposit once in a while, one which uses probe and sense will be much more successful in the long run.


All of this should not be hard to implement. But before I start I need to work on some bugs. I am using a spreadsheet for a while to collect any bugs I find but do not feel like fixing right away, and it has grown quite long. Some are of the we-can-live-with-that-for-now level, but there is also a very critical bug which makes the whole network system unresponsive under some condition which I definitely need to take care of before starting with any new features. There are also some worrysome bugs which are not that critical, but very hard to reproduce. Multithreading is hell.

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