Sunday, September 16, 2012

Player trading server-sided

I implemented player/player trading on the server. I implemented this by having a TradeController for each MapInstance, which manages Trade objects, which are state machines with these states:

REQUEST: A player has initiated a trade with someone else.
BARTER: The other player has agreed to do trading and the players are adding and removing items. They can lock and unlock their side of the bargain to signal that their offer is complete.
CONFIRM: When both players have locked their offer, they both have to confirm the deal. Both can unlock their offer to return to the BARTER state. This also removes the lock of the other party and any confirm which has already happened.
FINISHED: When both players have confirmed, the trade contents are again checked against the inventory to make sure that no offered item got lost during the trade. Then the trade is processed.

I hope that I remembered to check all possible error conditions. Otherwise I could have unintentional trades at best and an abusable exploit at worst.

Next will be the GUI on the client-side.

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