Friday, November 1, 2013

Status indicators

During playtesting I realized that when I died it was often because I wasn't aware of how low my HP were and that my barrier was already depleted.

The reason is that the players eyes need to focus on what is happening at the center of the screen during combat, but also to the status bars at the upper right edge of the screen. It's really hard to pay attention to both at the same time.

To solve this problem I decided that these markers need to get closer to the player-character. So I added some HUD elements right below it:

The arcs are, from inner to outer, the current percent-status of MP, HP and barriers. When the character would have multiple barriers, they would appear as additional concentric arcs around it. When the player wants to know the exact numbers, they can still look at the upper-right corner. But these arcs gives the player a constant awareness of the status of their player-character.

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