Friday, June 1, 2012

Some bugfixes

Yesterday I fixed a long-standing bug which was setting the players position to an illegal value of "-Infinity : -Infinity".

I also added filtering of HTML tags from the chat console on the client. Using HTML markup in chat might have had some useful applications, but the risk that players find a way to abuse this feature to screw with each others interface or even inject XSS code is just too big. I could have filtered user input on the server, but 1. I don't want the server to assume that the presentation layer is rendering HTML and 2. I am not sure I would catch any case where a user-supplied string ends up in the chat console.

To make up for this and allow some markup in chat, like bold text, colors, graphical smilies or hyperlinks, I could later add a custom markup language like BBCode. Links will require some additional filtering. I don't want people to click on javascript: links in the chat.

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