Monday, October 24, 2011

Character sprite list

2 genders
5 classes
= 10 characters.

I have free movement, so I will need 8-directional sprites or it will look silly. Three directions can be mirrored, so I got 5 view angles (front, sidefront, side, sideback, back).

Each of these 5 angles needs the following phases:

1 stand
1 death
1 sit
4 walk
2 attack
= 9 phases.

That's 45 frames per character.

That are 450 frames in total for player characters. Quite a lot of work. When I ever go commercial I might want to outsource that to a graphic designer. But for now I need a single character as proof of concept.

I will only have customization where easy to do. Hair, headgear, back (capes for the guys, wings for the girls) and weapons. Maybe palette swaps for torso and pants when I can do it at runtime.

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