Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Raid system: The cave of eternity

Randomly assigned parties progress through an endless series of small, auto-generated dungeon levels. Players can join existing parties at any time.

To get to the next instance, all monsters in an instance must be defeated. Then the party is automatically teleported into the next.

The larger and more powerful the party, the stronger the enemies, but also the bigger the rewards (even when divided through the number of players), so that large parties are encouraged. But because the monster power scales with the number of players, good teamwork is required for large groups.

Rewards are given at the end of each instance, but only to those which participated from the start of the instance.When you die, you can't rejoin the party until after the next instance has started. This means you miss out two rewards. You can, however, join a different party immediately and miss only one.  By encouraging switching over waiting to stay, parties are encouraged not to let people die and to create a friendly environment where people want to rejoin, otherwise the group will lose members and get worse rewards.

To spice things up, there will be rarely encountered special rooms, like boss rooms, extra hard "danger rooms" with deadly traps or "treasure chambers" with freebies for everyone.

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