Saturday, October 8, 2011

Server Roadmap updated

Essentially I reversed the order of the milestones 2 and 3. Login doesn't make sense without persistence and implementing maps and map instancing feels like the natural thing to do next right now. By the way, I plan to keep the map layouts completely server-sided. That way I don't need any fileparsing code on the client and also have the ability to add procedurally generate maps without the client even being aware of that (in fact all maps will be procedurally generated for now, because I don't have a map file format or map editor yet).

Milestone 0:
  • Connecting (unauthenticated)
  • Chatting (global)
Milestone 1: 
  • Player character movement synchronization
Milestone 2:
  • Multiple maps in multithreading architecture
  • Transfering characters between maps 
  • Local chatting
Milestone 3:
  • Asynchronous persistence layer 
  • Account creation 
  • Login with username and password
  • Character creation 
Further milestones:
  • Basic fighting
  • Server-controlled characters ("NPCs", "Mobs")
  • Admin commands  
Far-away milestones:
  • Scripting
  • Multiple choice dialogs  
  • Items and equipment 
  • Character advancement 

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