Sunday, October 23, 2011

Milestone 3 almost reached, time for some planning

Milestone 3 is practically completed on the server-side. The client side needs some finishing touches, but the critical stuff works.

So time for a new roadmap.

Milestone 4 (interaction):
* Mobs
* Basic fighting (mobs won't fight back and die after a fixed number of hits)

Milestone 5 (exploration):
* Walkable and unwalkable tiles (no route finding yet)
* Fringe objects
* Map editing (I think I will integrate the map editor right into the client)

Milestone 6 (growth):
* EXP gain
* Combat mechanics
* Mob AI

Milestone 7 (wealth):
* Items and Inventory
* Player trading
* Shops

Milestone 8 (adventuring):
* NPC interaction
* Scripting (?)

Milestone 9 (security):
* Permission management

I also need to start to work  on content. It's time to create some tiles and sprites. I also need to design the setting of my game world.

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