Saturday, October 15, 2011


What does the class do?
  • Which items you can equip on each level, and because you get your skills from your weapon, also the skills you can use
  • Your stat growth with each level
  • The sprite your character is using

Class list
ClassWeaponSkillsRole in a party
FighterSwordBuffs through inspirational speeches and battle cries, single- and multi-target damageBolster party attributes
RogueDaggerconfuse enemies reducing their dodge rate, rend enemies armor, single-target damageMake it easier to damage enemies
BerserkerMace/AxeIntimidate enemies reducing their damage, stun them or push them around, multi-target damagePreventing enemies from doing damage
WizardWandRanged multi-target damage spellsDamage dealer vs. groups of enemies
ArcherBowSpecial arrows dealing massive damage to single targetsDamage dealer vs. single enemies

I am still indifferent whether to have a healer-type support class, because they are usually horribly imbalanced towards party-play. They are unplayable without a party, but parties are unplayable without them. I would rather prefer when every class would be equally playable solo and also be an equally-valuable addition to a party. Still, healers are the favorite of every socializer-type player.

So which class is the dedicated tank? Fighter, Rogue and Berserker are supposed to be equally good tanks. Fighters because they have the best armor and thus don't get much damage, Rogues because they have the best agility and thus get rarely hit and Berserker because they have the best HP and HP regeneration and thus don't care about being hit.

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